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Document Tampering - A Clear Cut Case of SABOTAGE

My injury dates back to 01/01/01.

My particular experience with my then case worker was a very unpleasant one.

During a work hardening program, I began to regress physically. The Occupational Therapist then discharged me after 12 sessions because she didn't want to cause any further injury to me. She notified my case worker of the same. I then filled out forms for FRP. Saw my doctor later that afternoon and he immediately faxed a request to my case worker for the FRP program.

My case worker reported that I voluntarily withdrew myself from work hardening (rtw) and refused FRP and therefore recommended removal of benefits and next step, appeal.

A clear cut case of SABOTAGE which is a common practice among the WCB case workers with no accountability on their part. I think for someone to be a good candidate for employment at the WCB they would have to be made of TEFLON....whatever they do....nothing sticks.

All I know as a former health care worker, if I disregarded official documents, or wrote false statements on a patients' chart, I would be fired. I guess there aren't any ethics in place at the WCB either.

As a result of my case workers actions and my inability to return to work, the next 6 years were to say the least, trying. Only those of us fighting the corruptiveness of the workers compensation system know the effect it has not only on the injured worker but their family, their health, physical because of the injury, and mental, due to the stressful situations forced upon us and medical, the expense of medications needed to cope with all of the above. All because of the fact that the WCB are able to take the reports from doctors who are specialists in their fields of study who offer their expertise and take the time to diagnose you and completely ignore them.

As a result, in May of this year, I once again was forced to participate in a 6 1/2 week program at the request of WCB. The case worker said it was for more up-to-date medical evidence. When I arrived at the Columbia Health centre, it was then I found out it was a Return to Work program. It also wasn't until I was there a week when I found out benefits were reinstated. I was then told by my case worker that they were working on my retoractive benefits.

Now, they're holding those benefits for many reasons from my inability to enter a vocational program to being hit with some kind of annuity when I turn 65!!! In one conversation I was told it was up to the advisors and the more recent excuse was my case worker was waiting on reports from the doctors so she can write a recommendation for pay out of retro. So once again I'm at the mercy of someone who has the power to destroy my life with the stroke of a pen.

The WCB dangle that benefit cheque over you like offering an animal a treat. Now I have to perform tricks in order to keep the benefits coming in and even when I cooperate, keep appointments as recommended upon my discharge from the pain management centre, and try to cope with my daily physical challenges it is not enough.

I feel sorry for anyone new to this added conflict in their lives. Hang in there. I know it's hard and I too want to tell them where to put it but it's principle that keeps me in the fight.

I know my story is not unique but maybe someone out there can identify with it and know they are not alone in this.

The WCB touches everyone's lives. Not just the injured party, everyone connected to them are affected also.

Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience with you.

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