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Nightmare on WCB

"Why am I made out to be some kind of a criminal for wanting WCB to do what WCB was supposed to do"

Dear whom ever,

Tell me its not so WCB done to you as theyve done to me.

Well it starts way back in 1984 for me. I was a laborer on a construction site in ALBERTA Edmonton. I was pushing a wheelbarrow of cement up a ramp and dumping it where the cement workers needed it. Someone layed there shovel or some tool down on the ramp and I had my head down and was pushing the W.B.and the next thing I knew I was laying on the ground.

I had one arm of the W.B.(wheelbarrow) on my hip and the other arm up under my arm and I was almost snapped in half.

I went on WCB and was run through a battery of physiotherapy etc and quickly cut off.

I knew when I was supposed to go back to work I could not as I was still injured.

But WCB said I was ready to return to work.

I went on UIC and over the next number of months tried to recover.

Next was welfare as still I was not in good shape.

Eventually I took an other job and I was hurt again.

WCB denied my claims and each time I was left to my own to recover the best I could under the circumstances. There was 5 or 6 of these claims that they would not help me on in ALBERTA.

Next I went to BC and low and behold I was injured there as well.

WCB case manager out there would tell my Dr what he should do about me as if she was a Dr. My Dr could not believe how I was treated by these people.

Anyway to make a long story short WCB and my ex employer conspired to have me fired after a battery of torture tests I was put through in the name of Treatment.

WCB and their affiliates are all liars and there is no nice way to say it. They're scum bags and I believe psycopaths, no compassion for any one thats injured. I need help in kicking some a.. do you know someone that can assist in my case? No of course not all We are left to do is hurt and suffer. I believe they even went as far as trying to murder me.

If I had died they would have found a way to blame me for that too.

Why am I made out to be some kind of a criminal for wanting WCB to do what WCB was supposed to do. Help me to get back to work at something I would not get injured at. What can I do that wasn't done. I've had appeals and lost every one.

I've had a human rights case and won there and yet WCB came away unscathed.

Ive tried the ombudsman they wont help till WCB and all there appeals are done.

I've got a MLA,s office assistant working on my case but WCB is having their way with her also. She is being run over as I've been many times and in the end all this person is is a messenger for WCB and its requirements.

How can I get anywhere when WCB is so evil and powerful. Tell me I,d like to know.

G. C. Bertelsen

insparkyzone AT msn DOT com

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