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Injured worker and family:

Think About This:

You have been suffering from a workplace injury for some time now.

You share all your efforts, traits, and ambitions with your adjudicator.

Your adjudicator now has the chance to know everything about you.

As a matter of fact, the adjudicator ploys to gain your trust; to learn what angle they can have on you.

Now think about this:

You are now under a false sense of security; you believe the adjudicator cares about you, your family, and also cares about the proper handling of your claim. You believe that law will be adhered to, and that you have been dealing with an ethical normal person.

Not Quite:

Your claim is now being closed; no proper reason for closing the claim; actually no reason at all. Without warning they figure they are done with you. Your doctor disagrees you disagree. The complications of the injury are not gone. You still need help. The door is slammed in your face. But are they done with you?

Not Exactly:

In desperation you call the adjudicator; you are scared, you are desperate, you need help. You tell the adjudicator you are appealing, and the bank is calling, the credit card company is calling, you need to eat and the bank is going foreclose on your home. You even give details on when the bank threatened to take away your assets and your home.

Not a Good Idea for You:

The adjudicator now goes into personal mode. Not of the compassionate kind, but of one of the cruellest forms of low life scavenging we have ever heard of. Your adjudicator has a secondary business that purchases and flips foreclosed homes for a profit. Foreclosed homes are the cheapest way to purchase properties these days.

You served it on a silver platter of tears:

You expected compassion from your adjudicator. Well. This is what you now have. You have informed your adjudicator of when the foreclosing will take place; how much you have put into your home; and who you bank with. Plus when you cash a cheque your adjudicator can confirm which bank you use. You gave your address on day one. You are now out of the picture, but your home is not. It is now up to the scavenger to decide whether or not your home is worth anything to them.... Will they profit from your loss or not?

Are you feeling sick?

We were, when an inside source told us about the secondary companies and conflict of interest on the part of the adjudicators. Now do you think they ever did care?

Yes! But Not About You...

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