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In the interest of all people working in British Columbia with a disability I feel it is my duty to inform people of my situation in the hope that this does not happen to any one else. Here is my story in a nut shell:

a.. I was injured on the job. I also suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

b.. WCB sent me to physiotherapy, then occupational rehabilitation (OR1), I was not ready to be discharged from OR1 when my WCB case manager told me that I had to go to OR2 and that if I did not go, all wage loss benefits would be stopped, I attended OR2 and was repeatedly threatened by Injury Management staff to perform exercises or they would call case manager and wage loss benefits would be stopped, During this I was suffering from internal bleeding and told that they (OR2 and WCB) did not care about my disease, I left the OR2 clinic worse than when I went there.

c.. My Dr ordered an MRI of injured area but WCB denied this diagnostic procedure.

d.. WCB ordered a bone scan of my spine and chest which came back normal, They then discontinued wage loss stating that my problems are not related to injury but more likely were caused by my pre-existing condition, At this point I was vomiting blood.

e.. I then was forced onto Medical EI while I appealed WCB decision.

f.. I went to HRDC Career Center Federally Funded Job Search and participated in numerous workshops for 9 months when my career counsellor informed me that there was nothing they could do to assist me as I have a job to return to, I to date cannot get medical clearance to return to this job for medical reasons.

g.. During this time I had approximately 5 CT scans, numerous x-rays, blood work, 1 ultrasound, 1 colonoscopy, 1 endoscopy, I was told I could not have injured myself to this extent and it was my disease causing the problems or I possibly had Lymphoma.

h.. Then WCB appeal went through and I was sent to 2 specialists one of whom ordered another bone scan. The results came back as possible fracture of T- 4 vertebrae and my WCB claim was re-opened pending a CT scan ( my Dr had been ordering an MRI every 2 weeks for over a year). CT scan came back as normal and I was sent to WCB Pain Clinic.

i.. At WCB Pain Clinic their Dr ordered an MRI of my thoracic and cervical spine, WCB denied this and I was again psychologically and physically tortured, I left the pain clinic worse than when I went there.

j.. WCB discontinued all assistance at this point, once again placing me on Medical EI and, once again, I went to Career Center for assistance. They told me, as I was injured on the job, it is WCB's responsibility to assist me with vocational rehab.

k.. I had to go to my Dr and get a requisition for an MRI and pay for it myself $875, (MSP wait list is >2years,and as it is work related WCB are responsible) The MRI clearly identifies the problem (2 disc herniations impacting nerves and spinal cord) and when I shared this info with WCB they simply said prove it was part of the original injury.

l.. Currently I have NO INCOME and I am waiting to see a Neurosurgeon and I am unable to return to employment.

m.. In summary I feel like I have been and still am being tortured for having a disability and getting injured on the job. I have all information,dates, times, names etc. of all people I have talked to from all organizations and nobody seems to know who, what, when, where or how I can get assistance with this matter.

I have proof of WCB case manager, medical advisor, medical and rehabilitation staff doing the following:
- falsification or removal of medical evidence or other documentation to base decisions to deny medical treatment and assistance
- biased medical reports
- intimidation, or harassment
- inappropriate medical or psychological evaluations
- verbal, physical pychological and emotional abuse of injured workers by workers compensation employees or medical staff
- fabrication of false information

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