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When Does It End?

In my claim I was on a retraining course which the WCB was told not to put me on by their own assessment team and while on this course I got injured as was advised by their assessment team.

Since then they have forced me to return to work with the same injury and have used an old injury as an excuse as to why not to pay for all this time. I was awarded a claim payment or assessment of five percent from this injury in 2005 and it failed to go to the date the file was initiated.

The WCAT has since ordered that the WCB can no longer use this old injury and that then worker has failed to read the claim properly which is what I have been saying for years' now find that this same worker will be reassigned the case to reassess as directed by the WCAT. I have asked that he be removed from the case as having made three bad decisions in the past and they have advised that they will not do this but will take it into consideration.

I now find that I will require legal council which will cost almost half of what I should be paid for my injury to assure that I even get paid by these people.

Where are the law courts? I have instructed them that I would prefer to have had this in supreme court.

I fear that now this worker will assess at a rate where I will again have to appeal.

When does it end?

Art Irving

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