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People in this country think they have rights, they should be involved with the WCB. I have been screwed twice by WCB in BC.

The last time, I broke my wrist while working for a drywall company called (company name removed). Even though I was paid with company checks they tried to claim that I was not working for them. They tried to claim that I was a subcontractor even though there was no contract between us. Then they tried to claim that I was working for a co-worker.when I was brought onto the job. I was told by (person's name removed) that I was working for (company name removed) and he later left the job and I kept working till I broke my wrist.

At which point the screwing started.

They owed me a weeks pay which they would not pay me. They tried to pay my co-worker (I don't know why) trying to tie him to me (I suppose to try to get out of the WCB claim) but I would not accept any money from him. Why would I? My checks came from (company name removed).

After filing a lien against the building I worked on which I let my option to file action in the supreme run out due to the fact that a lawyer told me it would cost sixty thousand dollars to fight this in court. I took them to Employment standards. And I finally got my money, a thousand dollars, but I could not believe that the Employment Standards what a joke they are you would not believe what i went through getting them to get my money.

But the story does not end there because I had a bad year before they all got together and decided that I was a casual worker even though I have held a trades ticket in my trade since 1984 I received $168 every two weeks even though I was making twenty seven dollars per hour at the time I was hurt. This dammed near drove me into bankrupt's with the help of the WCB of course.

But this was not enough for the wcb and (person's name removed).

They black listed me.

I have tape recording of two company's black listing me. One is called (company name removed) contracting. This piece of work claimed that I never worked for him even though I have pay stubs to prove I did. He claimed that I should not be hired because I was well known in the industry not to hire because of massive wcb claims in the industry and he pointed the guy back to (person's name removed) saying that he was the last guy to deal with me, four in twenty five years, none long term and one that I have been fighting for six years and I have not received a dime for. One I busted the same arm while tearing apart an illegal grow-opp that had been busted in my boss's warehouse I was working for (company name removed) at the time they tried to screw me on that one but I had made over fifty thousand that year and the wcb gangsters could not get around that one. Years ago I got a screw through my finger and I got two weeks compo for that.

So if you call that massive claims then I guess you can if you want but that does not give you the right to destroy my livelihood.

Then there's (company name removed). My buddy called them up about my resume like he did with (company name removed) and he talked to the piece of dung that calls himself a superviser and he said that I should not be hired unless I wanted to wind up in court. I have only tried to take one outfit to court and that was (company name removed) so how did he find this out? A phone call from (company name removed). It's not hard to figure that out.


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