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Sent to foot specialist - " It's like his decision was made before I got there. "

I fell at work on Jan 2 2006 and continued to work until June 19 2006 when my doctor said I had to take time off. WCB ordered a MRI which indicated that I have a partial tibial tendon tear, sinus tarsi syndrome and plantar facitis in my right foot.

I was sent to one of their independent doctors and he recommended a foot surgeon.

Now this is where it gets interesting. On Feb 13 I travelled 660 km to Edmonton to be seen by this specialist. He never asked for a history. In fact he never asked anything. He came into the room and said take your socks off, which I did. My toes are curled and he took them and bent them back and said "ther'es nothing wrong with your toes they're not curled", making me think that maybe my doctor and myself are losing it. I tried to tell him that my toes curled because I've had to work on the side of my foot.

Oh, he says, so you just can't stand a little pain.

I'm looking at him like what are you talking about only to dicover that he is looking out the window.

He says I have to go to a pain clinic to learn to live with the pain of a foot that there is nothing wrong with. Go figure.

I said that my doctor had recommended that I take extensive physio so he said then I will telll WCB that you need physio and to go to a pain clinic.

How can a specialist be so disinterested? It's like his decision was made before I got there.

Now I'm just waiting to hear from WCB.

If anyone has has had this experience please contact me and tell me what to expect next.

Sue Lorenzen
[email protected]

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